Design, production and sale of components for hydraulic systems

Filling and filtration unit

Mobile filling and filtration units of GTF series are designed to enable the solid parts, present in hydraulic fluids, to be filtered in many installations or applications. 

They can be used for filling or emptying systems or as an off-line filtering system, to protect all equipment installed on the plant, like pumps, valves, cylinder, filters, etc.

The set-up on a convenient trolley, equipped with a drip tray, makes it very practical and clean to use.

We can arrange sets according to the customer special request (different logo and colors and so on).

All our products are made of sheet steel (S235JR UNI EN 10027-1). On request they can be made of AISI stainless steel (304, 316, 316L) 
A protective coating is applied by powder coating..