Design, production and sale of components for hydraulic systems


RP TECH offers you complete filters, filter elements and components for the aftermarket, hydraulics, EDM, industrial and air / oil separation sectors.

Wide range of filters and cartridges for applications on suction, return and delivery lines of hydraulic systems, with filtration between 3 µm and 1000 µm absolute and flow rates up to 360 l / min.

In tank, suction strainers.

  • Spin-on in-line filters for intake and return lines.
  • Spin-on elements, max working pressure: 25 bar.
  • Spin-on, tank mounted, return filters.
  • Spin-on elements, max working pressure of 12 bar.
  • Spin-on elements, max working pressure of 35 bar.

Series Air/oil separator basket elements, coalescent media. Flows to 45 m3/min. Suitable for installation on rotary or piston compressors of generally worldwide manufactures, and interchangeable with majority air/oil separators.

A wide range of high quality hydraulic and air/oil separation filter elements, interchangeable to the leading OEM, (Earth moving, agricultural, industrial and compressors market) and to the main filter producers.

Air/oil separator spin-on elements, using the coalescence principle. Easily installed and replaced, suitable for rotary or piston compressors. Flows from 0,6 to 7 m3/min.

Filters and filtering elements for microfiltration of oils and coolant fluids. Manufactured with high efficiency filter medias, with a filtration rate down to 1 micron, to retain micropollutants. Particularly suitable for die sinking and wire spark erosion machines, machine tools lubrication and cooling systems, grinding procedures etc.

A wide range of filter elements interchangeable with products by most spark erosion worldwide manufacturers.

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